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Make Money Online – $500 daily without investment

“If you are looking for ideas to MAKE MONEY ONLINE without investment, then pull up a chair and buckle down, because you are going to read this article”

In the next few minutes we’re going to talk about a secret method to make money online and with this method you will not have to spend a single cent!

The summary of this method:

You need to join with a lead based affiliate program where you will receive commission for every member who sign up for free through your affiliate link. (I will tell you where to join), secondly you need to place your simple ads on a free, high traffic classified ads website. (I will tell you the exact sites to advertise), thirdly you need to set up new email address with vacation auto responder. (I will tell you where and how to setup).

Sounds Good?

Ok, let’s go ahead!

Make Money Online Method Overview:

This money making method is all about how to make money online from men who are seeking girls. There are many free classified ad sites with category “girls seeking guys” and you have to post your ads as a girl there. All ads replies will be forwarded to your email. For your email account must have a setup for email auto responder so that it can reply automatically to any email sent to you with the predefined setup short text message. Your text will be a short note where you will ask those men to sign up to dating websites to see your profile, pictures, cell phone, have a chat etc. These dating websites will pay you for every free sign up through your affiliate. One more thing, suppose if you join through my affiliate link then I will get 10% of your earnings as well. Ok, I will tell you which dating site’s affiliate programs to join now.

Affiliate Programs to Join:

Do you know about Just signup as an affiliate.

To signup you have to click the “Affiliate Signup” link from the menu (see from the screen shot below).

make money online with adultfriendfinder 300x105 Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment

Now you will notice that you have to choose the Preferred Program. I will recommend you for choosing the option: 1. Click-Thru (Up to $1/unique IP/day) – This one is actually the lead based one that I mentioned. You will earn at least $1 per free signup and some extra cents up to $1 per unique visitor sent via your link and also depends on your visitors/sign-up ratio. It’s VERY IMPORTANT TO CHOOSE that!!! MAKE SURE YOU DID!!! Of course if you want to make money online now!

Adult FriendFinder Affiliate Signup 300x203 Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment

Then you fill all rest information that they need to sign up like – first name, last name, you website URL, password etc.


Once you have signed up you should receive your login id and password to your email address that you have specified.

Now you have to login to your affiliate account. You can find “Affiliate Login” link from the site’s menu. Once you logged in, then you will see a new page like the one below.

Earn Money With AdultFriendFinder Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment


To get your affiliate link:

check green Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment Click on “Option I – Per-Click Program […]”’s link which is “Setup & Promotional Tools”.

check green Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment You will be taken to the Setup & Promotional Tools page.

check green Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment Once you’re there scroll down to the Point #6 called registration – you can find your link here and you have to promote this link.

AdultFriendFinder Affiliate Link Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment

check green Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment Copy this link and save to a text file. That’s it!


You may also notice from the site’s menu a link called: “Other sites to promote”

This is the place where you can browse other sites to promote. You will find it useful. Because some of them could perform or suit better for your future ads. Getting links for other sites is analogical. I highly recommend to use normal FriendFinder too and it’s copies like Korean, Jewish one etc. You can access them in “other sites to promote” section. They are not that much restrictive about traffic quality as Adult’s one:

Important: if your traffic produces less than 1 FREE signup in 20 visitors your account may be converted into a “percentage payout” account at any time after you’ve sent 500 unique or 3 days. The same is true if it produces less than 1 paying membership in 25 FREE signups. That’s the rule for your AdultFriendFinder’s traffic.

However other sites also have the same commission: $1 per 1 free signup!

TIP: To view stats for all sites you promote just click “view summary report” form site’s menu.

Now you will learn how to and where to advertise your links.

Free Advertising To Make Money Online:

First you have to sign up for some new email addresses or even a few of them. I found will be the best one. But you may also use any other email service with vacation auto responder feature.

1. Go to and signup for a new email (let it be some girl name and catchy one like or – you know what I mean icon smile Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment

2. Once you have signed up for your new email address/addresses go to settings (as highlighted in screenshot below)

Setup a new gmail account Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment

3. Then at the settings page set up your auto responder

Vacation responder on from Gmail Settings Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment

4. You will have to leave subject field blank! (IMPORTANT – “RE: -somebody’s subject-“ )

5. In the message field you have to write something catchy, something that make your recipient confused and will lead him through your affiliate link to sign-up so you will make money online.

Here is the one example of text message that I used:


Thanks for your reply to my ad, I hope you’re the one I am looking for. Could you please register for free at once you have done that please send me your profile ID sweetie. It’s important that you sign up so you will see there my other photos and full profile with cell number.

I hope you’re not 60 yrs old…… icon razz Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment


I think you got my idea. Be creative – try to persuade them. Use obvious texts. Promise to give photos, offer chatting after registration etc. Also remember to use different sites. For example if you’re appearing as a Korean girl use link to KoreanFriendFinder, if you’re a British girl – use normal FriendFinder!

TIP: Use different auto responder texts for each email account. Next I am going to show you where to advertise for FREE.


Go to free classified ads website named :

Londons online community Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment

You will notice that you have been taken to the London’s online community, but from the right panel you will see other cities to advertise. It’s worth to post only at London, because it gets a lot of traffic. Other cities are like 5% what London gets.

1. Once you have chosen the city you want to post your first ad, click the “post an ad” button from the left’s menu.


2. Then you will be taken to the page where you have to choose the category.


3. Click “Friends / Partners / dating” and then “Dating”


4. Then you will be asked in which section you would like your advert to appear – choose “Girls seeking guys”.


5. You will be taken to “post an ad” form:


check green Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment  As a location it’s the best to put city’s name (London for example)

check green Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment  In posting title write something catchy like: “Sexy 18 years old girl from Asia looking for Fun in London area” – just remember to be creative as much as you can to persuade people to see your ad.

check green Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment  In the posting description write your ad’s text, here is the one I used successfully:


My name is Agatha and I am looking for nice guys in london. If you have good personality and are between 18-35yrs please email me at coz I am so lonely and need some fun with confident guy.

TIP: put your email address in ad text when advertising in London, coz auto responder can’t answer to the emails sent via gumtree form!!!

check green Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment  In the email section put the your email address with auto responder on. VERY IMPORTANT

check green Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment  Fill out the rest of the form with your name; age, etc. (phone number is not needed)

check green Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment  You may add some photos. Remember that it will be the best if the photo looks pretty normal while there is sexy girl on it. It’s good to add sometimes one, sometimes two. You can very easily get good photos on

check green Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment  Once everything is done click preview your-ad and then submits it. (TIP: London ones need verification – they automatically send message with link you have to click on to start your ad – so remember to check your email inbox/inboxes. As far as I know other cities don’t have such verification method)

check green Make Money Online   $500 daily without investment  If your ad was really good just sit back and enjoy money rolling in… If you want more repeat the whole process. Working 6-8 hours a day given me almost $800/day


1. Don’t forget to change IP address and email address and ad text when posting a new ad in the same city on the same day.

2. Post as much ads as you can, then you will make money online more – believe me.

3. If you don’t have dynamic IP use web proxies (anonymizers) you can find such ones here:

4. Promote different sites.

5. Be creative!

6. Work Hard! And success will come too.

7. Don’t forget to fill your email address in your ad’s text!!!

8. When your ad is deleted create new and different one.


Now you know the secret method of how to make money online. At least $500 daily without any investment. Using this same method I made “$2734.79 in 7 days!”. Hope for the best.


Make Money Online – $500 daily without investment

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